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The paperback of my USA Today bestseller Nail’s Crossing will be released by Blackstone Publishing on August 21, 2018. Have a listen to a sample of the audiobook here.

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  1. Not a bad first effort, took awhile to pickup the narrativeending slightly confusing . I will definitelly try your 2nd effort

    1. Thanks, Steve. The sequel, Greasy Bend, should be out within the year. Hope you enjoy it. Kris

  2. Just finished ” Nails Crossing “. Interesting story. Unique writing style.
    Just wish that the airplane depicted on the cover was a Cessna 150 (that I learned to fly in) rather than what seems to be a Cherokee 140(which I have also spent some time in).

    1. Daryl, I agree about the plane. The (excellent) jacket designer doesn’t know planes. I learned to fly in a Cherokee 140. The sequel, Greasy Bend, should be out within the year. Thanks for reading! Kris

  3. Ohmygosh – Nail’s Crossing is one of THE best books I’ve read in forever. The writing and dialog are snappy, smart & attention-getting…and the characters are uniquely wonderful, even the bad guys! I appreciate that clues are not belabored and pointed out repeatedly – I felt valued as an intelligent reader. And I absolutely LOVE the descriptions that put me in the moment, as well as evoke my own memories like watching my grandma melt lard in the skillet. Eager for your next book…please keep writing them!!

  4. Betty, Thanks for your detailed response to the novel, especially your comment about respecting the reader’s acumen. The sequel, Greasy Bend, should appear in 2019. Happy reading! Kris

  5. Loved the book start to finish! And while I wait for the next one I will reread Wayne Johnston and some of the authors you mention in your Q and A! Was glad to have the map, kept checking where the characters were and thinking about the terrain (where I have never been). Thanks for the characters, plot, and pace, all good!

    1. Than you so much for this. I hope you enjoy the sequel, Greasy Bend,due out next year. I think the mystery author you mention is actually Craig Johnson. You may want to look into Oklahoma writer Lou Berney. He writes really well.

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